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When you read a book, you want to read it in your own language without feeling as if you’re reading a translation. That’s obvious. How can you guarantee a translated work of literature hits the right note and touches the readers exactly as the author intended in a given culture or country? Our translators understand the importance of doing justice to the author’s work, as well as connecting to the readers in their native language.
By pooling the knowledge of the local language, culture and customs into one powerful trinity – the project manager, translation team and editor – our team is able to translate every genre and writing style into a final product that’s tailored to readers in another country. The result? A book that reads as fluently as the original with the ability to reach, inform, and inspire readers in every language and culture.

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Translation services with a keen eye for culture and nuances

We offer a Total Translation Package for book translations that guarantees:

– High-quality translation
– Intelligent editing focused on content and grammar
– Special attention to culture and nuances
– Text layout and proofreading
– Text delivery in PDF format – or for e-books in ePub or iBA – for final editing
– Print-ready delivery in the preferred style
– A comprehensive final proofread of the book translation before publication

Our portfolio: leading, international publishers

Having provided book translations services for over 40 years, we are recognised and respected in the world of translation. Every day we work closely with leading publishers, including Meulenhoff, Lannoo and Prometheus. Possibly the biggest and most successful project in our portfolio is the translation of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy, a worldwide bestseller with an astounding 1.5 million copies sold in the Netherlands and Belgium alone. Our work method and dedication received many enthusiastic reviews. Critics described the Dutch translation of the Fifty Shades trilogy by Textcase as ‘an improvement on the English original’. Just recently, the fourth book of the series: Grey, Fifty Shades Of Grey as told by Christian, was released in Belgium and in the Netherlands, once again translated into Dutch by our book translation team.


Compelling book translations and preeminent reference works

Another compelling project is the translation of the ultimate reference works regarding the Great War, 14-18 From Sarajevo To Versailles, and World War Two, 40-45 From Blitzkrieg To Hiroshima, published by the Lannoo Publishing Group in Belgium. With the help of more than one thousand illustrations from world-renowned archives on the subject, stories of both world wars are told in a clear and uncompromisingly truthful way. Not only are political and military aspects put into perspective so that the reader is able to grasp the essence, people who experienced the wars tell their own compelling stories. According to experts, it is a ‘moving reference work that should be in every library’.

Reaching an international readership

We are also increasingly working with writers who publish their own books. Through online platforms, independent marketing promotions and widespread support via social media channels, authors are finding their way to the reading audience. We help them to expand their reach internationally through our high quality book translation services. Using our worldwide network, international publishing experience and committed native translators, Textcase is the perfect writers’ partner for 2015.
Would you like to know more about our book translation services, how we work and the possibilities that are open to you? Please contact Koert van der Scheer for detailed translation information or a free quote.

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Koert, our managing director, has loads of knowledge about the book industry due to his previous work experience at many different publishing companies. He is always interested in new business opportunities.

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Textcase translated the Fifty Shades trilogy for us. Their professionalism, commitment and speed in combination with the quality they deliver, is reason for us to continue working with them on great projects in the future.
Mai Spijkers

Publisher, Prometheus


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