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Reaching an audience of millions in no time and sending your products to anywhere in the world without a hitch. Online stores or web-stores are making the leap to international markets faster than ever before. But how do you convey your vision and feelings to potential international customers through your online store? By using targeted, localised and commercial translations of web-store texts, you can attract and hold on to your online visitors. Future customers immediately feel at home in a new environment and, thanks to our knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can also quickly extend your reach internationally.

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The product description in a web-store is the most important way to inform and inspire visitors, and to get them to buy your products. Web-store texts are written with care and should be translated with the same care. Our experienced translators understand the vital importance of web-store texts when promoting the product displayed on the screen. Our professional translations provide your online shoppers with a clear and comprehensive image of products, without them first having to test, touch, use or try them on.

Drive new customers to your shopping platform

The translation of your web-store is the first important step. But all your translation efforts will only pay dividends if potential customers actually know how to find you online. To make sure your product or service gets the international attention it deserves, we provide professional translations of AdWords campaigns and all social media channels. Our broad, local knowledge of language and culture gives our translators and marketers a leading edge in making sure that your new, translated web-store is well received in new and possibly unfamiliar international markets.

Commercially valuable content, no errors allowed

Once you’re convinced of our added value, we would be happy to help you further by taking other, more important jobs off your hands; for instance by entering the translated texts directly into your web environment. The translators, project managers and marketers at Textcase are familiar with just about every CMS system, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently implement online texts. We look at each project individually to determine the best work method. After the web-store text translations are finished, a second native speaker performs a thorough revision, so you can be sure of a text that is free of errors and which contains commercially valuable local content.

Textcase: your preferred web-store partner

As a business owner, you need to constantly be on the ball. A new range of products, seasonal sales, a new campaign slogan or promotion: to stand out as a web-store in a competitive online market, you need to shift gears quickly and respond to demand. When you change your product range regularly and need a continuous breath of fresh air, we’re ready to step in. We enjoy taking on long-term challenges and that definitely has its advantages. Our translators and project managers get to know your business and the terminology you use for your online store. What’s more, we always have the AdWords campaigns, translated texts and the Memsource translation memory within close reach, enabling us to respond quickly to changes, promotions and advertising.


Two heads are better than one
As far as text is concerned, there isn’t a challenge we don’t feel comfortable taking on. Whether you need commercial and corporate, web-store or Adwords translations, we can help further your website’s international growth. But, an online store is more than good content alone. The web-store needs to be user friendly and clear. With the help of our partner, Experius, known for the Magento webshop formula, we can also answer any technical questions you may have.

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Not only are the texts translated correctly, but the SEO requirements of our texts are also taken into account. In short, Textcase is the right translation partner for Protest.

Michiel Claessens

E-Commerce Manager, Protest Sportswear


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