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Google ads translation and localisation services

With over two billion search queries each day, there’s a good chance your potential customers are ‘googling’ something you want them to find, and find you in the process. Why not reinforce all your international translation efforts with the power of paid search? Lead more traffic to your website or online store with a localised Google ads campaign and turn those ‘googlers’ into customers.

Using our own translation and online marketing expertise, we work closely with online marketing agencies and companies that have vast experience in launching a carefully thought-out Google ads campaign onto the international market. Through a targeted translation of campaigns, you can be sure to reach future customers in foreign markets. We also delve into questions like how to stand out from the crowd in the ever-expanding online market. Our extensive translation knowledge and experience in online marketing enables us to analyse and deliver a professional and effective international Google ads campaign that will achieve maximum results.

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We let Google ads do all the international work for you

Our skilled worldwide network consists of translators and online marketers who specialise in bringing your products and services to the attention of potential and future customers around the world through targeted and localized campaigns. Our aim is to help your Google ads campaign do all the international work for you. Successfully applying Google ads locally and nationwide is one thing, the second important step is ensuring that your competition across the border doesn’t snatch up your valuable online visitors. Our international translators, online marketers and knowledge of local culture and customs make Textcase the best translation partner for achieving international business successes.

Avoid the international pitfalls

It happens more often than you think: word-for-word Dutch keyword translations that simply don’t get the desired results or, even worse, they can even lead to embarrassing blunders. Not a great start to your international aspirations and, above all, a missed opportunity that can cost you dearly. To help you determine the keywords your future customers use most often and to help you avoid the pitfalls of international marketing, our translators get to work based on a list of predefined synonyms to determine search volume and costs-per-click (CPC). This way you know for sure that you are hitting the right note – anywhere in the world – and that out of all the billions of online searches, you are reaching your target audience.

Not only do we look at the keywords when translating an Google ads account, we also give serious thought to advertising texts. You see, while in the United States consumers can appreciate colourful and in-your-face advertising copy to attract them to your online store, that same style of advertising will be a big turn-off for consumers in Scandinavian countries. We create advertising copy using the talents of a professional and creative trinity, consisting of an editor, an Google ads professional and a translator, each with detailed knowledge of the local culture, language and customs.


Google ads translations: the package

We offer a comprehensive online campaign package for Google ads translations.
– After taking stock of your needs and the scope of the campaign(s), we provide you with an offer that is made to measure.
– Keywords, negative keywords, site links and advertising copy can all be sent to us in a Word or Excel file by email.
– You can either link an Google ads campaign to our customer centre, or place it directly in your account as an Google ads Editor Archive file (AEA) or CSV file. The translated campaigns can go live straight away!

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Textcase was very attentive and effective in learning our product and marketing message. This allowed for a translation that is consistent no matter what language it’s in! Their speed, pricing, and personal touch made Textcase a pleasure to work with.

Dustin Zaloom

Analyst, Yext


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