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The days when you needed to travel around the globe to attract new, international customers are well behind us. Networking across borders is done from the office, with a computer and a multilingual website as the main marketing tools. But how do you avoid the risk of losing some of the essence of your message in the translation? More importantly, how do you succeed in tailoring your service to future international customers and get them to act? With a multilingual, localised website, you leave a professional impression with the international visitor and increase your company’s online presence.

Tapping into new markets together

Is your organisation on the verge of tapping into new and exciting international markets? Textcase can help you succeed in your endeavours. We create engaging and accurate online content in many languages so your business can show its best side in the international arena. Our translators, each with extensive knowledge of the local language and customs, work closely with online marketers and understand how to create internationally appealing and flawless texts within every country.

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Is conquering the French market going to be the next step for your business? Just remember that an English translation of a company website alone won’t get you there. The French, patriotic as they are, want to be approached in their own language. If you neglect to invest in a targeted French translation for your website, there’s a good chance it will cost you valuable visitors and potential customers. Customers you could have reached with our translated, localised and SEO-targeted web texts. In order to get your story and philosophy across anywhere in the world, we make sure that we fully understand your marketing message and your product: your story, in every language.

How our website localisation services work:

It all starts with having the right people. Depending on the product you’re offering, we put together an experienced translation team that is already familiar with your company’s services. Our translators generally live and work in the country or region for which the translated texts are intended. Through their extensive knowledge of the culture and local customs, you can be sure the translations hit the perfect tone, anywhere in the world. Each translation is edited by other native speakers, ensuring the end result of the translation is as effective as the original.

Transcreation: essential information recreated

There are certain circumstance when a text translation and localisation isn’t the best solution. In such cases the answer lies in rewriting the content in a different language. This process, known as transcreation, asks a lot more from the translator. Transcreation is more than a website translation or localisation that is customised for an international audience. Instead of following the source text to the letter, or to the sentence for that matter, it all comes down to the creativity of the translator, without losing sight of the original information.

In the translated – or better yet, transcreated – text, specifically written for the destination country, the message of the original stands strong and the approach is tailored to the new target audience. Because local customs and culture are taken into account, costly or sensitive misconceptions are avoided. Transcreation requires even more dedication from the translator. Writing web content that is fascinating, fluent and flawless is far from easy. After all, the texts are not only there to inform, they need to appeal to new, international audiences and entice them to act. Our copywriters command the art of linguistics like no other and, in addition to improving and optimising existing texts, they can create entirely new content.

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Textcase was very attentive and effective in learning our product and marketing message. This allowed for a translation that is consistent no matter what language it’s in! Their speed, pricing, and personal touch made Textcase a pleasure to work with.

Dustin Zaloom

Analyst, Yext


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