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First impressions can only be made once. Valuable online content that informs and engages the online reader is becoming increasingly important. Your company website is regarded as the single-most important showcase of your business or product. But how do you reach new and prospective customers in an unfamiliar international market? To make a good first impression, it’s imperative that your content be faultless and easy to read. We bring the information you want to the global stage. Our texts are designed for easy online reading and are ready for publication: in every country, in every language.

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Increase the impact of your content

When translating online texts for websites, we always make sure to project the correct tone whether the goal is purely to provide important information or to create content with a commercial aim. Together with you, we determine the target audience of your business or product, how to distinguish yourself in the market and which keywords are most important for your website to rank well in Google search. The result? The translated website texts we create will increase the impact of your content and enable you to outpace the competition.
More than just a translation

Getting a website or web content to grab international attention online demands more than just a good translation. Besides localisation, where the translators look closely at local culture and customs, we’re leading the way when it comes to new concepts like transcreation – rewriting the source text in another language without compromising the essence of the message – and multilingual content development. Our progressive approach is reflected in projects we have successfully carried out on behalf of companies like leading software developer Gamebasics and online marketing expert Traffic Builders.

A unique combination of SEO, SEA and marketing

Not only do we speak and translate all of the world’s languages, we also know how to reach prospective customers through the digital highway. We possess unique expertise within the translation sector in terms of online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Where effective SEO increases the organic search results by means of authority and unique web content, SEA ensures an influx of the right online audience through targeted campaigns. When developing an online success formula for your company and product, we work together with, for example, Experius, known for its Magento e-commerce formula. Using a clear online strategy as the basis of our approach, we are ready to take on the challenge of turning your online store into a dynamic and profitable platform.

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Not only are the texts translated correctly, but the SEO requirements of our texts are also taken into account. In short, Textcase is the right translation partner for Protest.
Michiel Claessens

E-Commerce Manager, Protest Sportswear


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