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In the rapidly growing information culture it’s absolutely crucial to possess knowledge and to share this knowledge. But how do you make sure your message gets heard and is understood in all the global information streams? In the globalised world where content plays an influential role, you want to be able to clearly communicate valuable information about the benefits of your business, product or service. This requires a translation that reflects the same power as your original message, anywhere in the world.

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Our experienced translators’ detailed knowledge of local cultures and customs means that you can be sure your information is heard and read on a global scale. Whether it concerns internal information in the form of manuals and newsletters, or external translations such as brochures, corporate reports, product descriptions and instruction guides; you can rely on the professional translations from Textcase. We ensure your documents and achievements don’t slip under the radar in the worldwide information stream and that every text is given the attention it deserves in almost every language.
Optimum readability in every language

We translate documents, marketing material, reports and other corporate content for businesses, public institutions and non-profit organisations. Moreover we edit (light) legal documentation, draft contracts and translate subtitles for TV shows, films, documentaries and presentations, as well as provide professional translations for image texts.

Before our editors and translators start work on the document or project, it’s important that we understand exactly the purpose and objective of the text at hand. The professionally translated document will have its own distinct, localised language style, without compromising the information provided in the original. Translations are always edited by a second, native-speaking translator in order to guarantee optimum readability. The professional translations are ready for printing when delivered. Besides translating corporate documents, we also take care of the layout. This service includes programs such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

The preferred translation partner for multinationals

The knowledge and strength of our worldwide network of translators and editors is the reason that many multinationals choose Textcase as their preferred translation partner. Multinationals like Garmin and Fujitsu rely on our translation network for both their internal corporate documents and external communication.

Would you like more information on our document translation service, our work methods and the possibilities open to you? Please contact one of our project managers for further translation details or an obligation-free quote.

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Thank you for the second text. Again, you’ve delivered top quality work on this highly complex policy document. With this excellent translation we can start our conversations in Brussels.

Bas van den Barg

Representative, European Union


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