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Textcase has an international network of over 2500 qualified translation specialists; each one with their own style, field of expertise and personal interests. This gives us the ability to link each translation project we undertake to a specialist in the field. The global alliance ensures we can localise translation projects anywhere in the world. The translators and marketers all speak the native language and understand the ins and outs of the local culture and customs, therefore ruling out the chance of falling into international language traps. The result is a translation that not only reaches your international audience, but engages them as well.

The ‘translation trinity’ is our mainstay

The experienced ‘translation trinity’ – consisting of the customer, translation team and project manager – is the mainstay of our work methods. It keeps the lines of communication short and incorporates your needs and expectations into every detail of the translation project. These clear, open lines of communication ensure that every translation job, from a book translation to localising an international AdWords campaign, leads to success. We nurture the close relationship between customer and project manager. In turn, the project managers stay in close and regular contact with our translators, typesetters and online marketers, guaranteeing that the customers’ wishes are implemented correctly in the translations. It’s a work method that has proven its worth and one of the reasons so many linguists have been working with Textcase for over fifteen years. And that’s something we are genuinely proud of.

We speak one language the world over

Each day we are actively seeking potential new translators to add further strength to our international network. The philosophy of Textcase – a leading and innovative translation agency for over forty years – is highly regarded. Besides approaching promising translation talent ourselves, we receive tens of applications and requests daily from translators all over the world wanting to join our team. From this inexhaustible source of new, motivated and experienced translators, we carefully select those we trust. Talent for language is trained and is given the opportunity to prove itself, while our experienced team of translation experts continue to develop their skills in their field.

Safeguarding the fundamental goal

Before a completed translation project arrives at the customer’s desk, it is preceded by a comprehensive process. Each translated text is edited and thoroughly proofread by at least one native speaker of the target language before delivery. The translation quality is measured on the basis of three pillars:

– The fundamental goal of each translation: has the meaning being conveyed accurately?
– Is the text easy to read in terms of word choice and sentence structure?
– Does the tone and style of the text meet the vision and goal of the source text?

Would you like to know more about our quality control method? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our project managers. We would love to hear from you!


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