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The world is changing thanks to e-books, which you can fit into a pocket-sized library. But how do you combine progress with authenticity? We write, translate and produce e-books for authors, publishers, educational institutions and businesses; these e-books, each in their own way, give the past and present a modern look, bringing the future to the reader. Our worldwide trinity of knowledge – consisting of a translator, editor and project manager – connects local expertise in language, culture and customs to a global, digital product geared towards entertaining, informing, educating or promoting.

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Entertaining, informing and educating

The demand for e-books continues to grow steadily. Instead of a suitcase laden with bestsellers for the holidays, a school library packed to the hilt or boxes stacked with advertising material, the digital library as well as online marketing campaigns are really changing the way we read. Our worldwide translation network enables us to convey the tone of the original versions of material as diverse as a pocket novel, a travel guide or a recipe collection to other languages and cultures. The goal should always be to entertain, inform and educate the reader without the essence of the author’s tone, the message, the travel information or the recipe becoming lost in the translation.

A professional end product in any format

For a wide range of purposes e-books are translated into any number of formats using the latest software and developments: from ePub to iBA and many more. If you want to expand your digital curriculum with distinctive information sources, promote a website or event, or present a bestseller to a specific audience, we offer quality translations with a keen eye for local culture and customs, as well as professional layout by experienced typesetters. The result: a final product ready for publication.

iBook Author: create your own book

The iBook Author platform is also familiar ground for Textcase. The translation and production of iBAs – a global interactive book market commissioned by publishers and authors – include video editing, subtitles and adapted audio. When composing an interactive book, it’s important to stay close to the user, reader and audience. In this way we can guarantee the book digitally promotes the same educational, informative message or form of entertainment around the world to the iBooks Store’s estimated one million visitors per week.

Would you like to find out more about our e-book translations, work methods and the possibilities that are open to you? Please contact Koert van der Scheer or Laura Pepitone, our E-Book Project Managers, for further translation information or an obligation-free quote.

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Textcase translated the Fifty Shades trilogy for us. Their professionalism, commitment and speed in combination with the quality they deliver, is reason for us to continue working with them on great projects in the future.

Mai Spijkers

Publisher, Prometheus


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