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A complete app translation is an art in itself

You can no longer work around it in our digital age: apps are becoming, no, they are the future. If you want to introduce your product, business or service to today’s consumer in the international market, you better start developing. So how do you share the most important information about your business in the limited space the app often offers? Fitting the copy in while localising your targeted message within new and already existing apps is an art in itself; a craft mastered by the specialist translators at Textcase.

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The product and the user have first priority

With our app translations, the central focus is invariably on the product and on the end user. This is by no means standard practice when developing an app. Each day, potential international successes end up missing the boat during an early stage because of translations that don’t place absolute priority on available space and user convenience. We translate source texts while keeping a sharp eye on possible cultural differences along with local language and customs. As soon as we see that the original source text lacks the same effect in a difference language, we adapt it and even rewrite it to be sure it hits the mark in the target market. All without compromising the core message, goal and context. This way, anywhere in the world, your app is given a prominent position among the millions of other applications in online stores.

The App Package: translating and developing

When it comes to apps, it’s not just the translation that matters. We regularly join forces with both ambitious and experienced developers. Besides creating content for tablet, iPad, e-book or app, we also offer a competitively priced App Package. Not only do we translate and write localised content, we also develop the apps themselves, all in one handy package. One example of a project we gave shape to is the Snipper app: the easiest way to create and share short, memorable and hilarious videos – Snippets – with friends and other users. Other places where you can find examples our texts, translations and expertise are the PopUp Stories app and the Mo’media app.

Worldwide success in sports

A perfect example of a successful partnership is the app translation of the online football game that’s massively popular worldwide: Online Soccer Manager (OSM). We translated this leading game by Gamebasics – the number-one studio for mobile games in the Netherlands – for the Chinese and Japanese markets so that football fans in Asia can also be the coach of their favourite football club. In addition, we made many golfing enthusiasts happy in the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway with Expert Golf, a practical and user-friendly app by German developer Artigo Solutions. Thanks to Expert Golf, you always have your personal achievements with you during your round of golf, as well as handy golf tips and the rules.

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Textcase was very attentive and effective in learning our product and marketing message. This allowed for a translation that is consistent no matter what language it’s in! Their speed, pricing, and personal touch made Textcase a pleasure to work with.
Dustin Zaloom

Analyst, Yext


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